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Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery & Dreams MedSpa | Omaha, NE

Posted: November 4, 2015 at 12:42 pm

Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery is proud to have four of the best board-certified plastic surgeons in Omahaand the surroundingregion. Drs. Ron Hollins, Perry JohnsonandJason Miller all have extensive training and experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Our practice started in 1991 and we opened our doors at our Village Pointe location in 2008. Our facility is fitted with state-of-the-art surgical suites that enable us to perform a wide array of the latest surgical and non-surgical treatments right here on site.

Our experienced and renowned surgeons perform nearly every cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that a patient could desire, from mommy makeoversto breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, liposuctionand more.They are continually training on new techniques for common procedures as well as evaluating and training on newprocedures in this rapidly changing industry.

Take a look around our website and use our educational tools to learn more about common procedures and how they are performed, view before and after photos, andread our blog to get some of your questions answered before you come and visit us.

Cosmetic consultations with our physicians are always complimentary.Our patients satisfaction is most important, even if surgery isnt right for you.

Dreams MedSpa is located within our office and offers a full range of spa services designed to help you enhance your appearance and soothe your soul.

From laser hair removal,Botox andfillers andskin resurfacing to facials,peels and waxing, our providers are experienced and happy to do something beautifulfor you.

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Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery & Dreams MedSpa | Omaha, NE

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EBOPRAS – European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and …

Posted: October 30, 2015 at 4:45 am

Welcome to the website of EBOPRAS, which is the working group of the UEMS Section of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

It receives funding (currently five Euros per full member per year) from the various national plastic surgical associations which are affiliated to it through their membership of the UEMS Section. The delegates for EBOPRAS are normally the same as those for the UEMS Section although the rules do permit one of them to be different. The delegate list may be downloaded from this site. Delegates meet twice a year, normally in May & September.

EBOPRAS has two sub-committees:

The educational committee is responsible for running the European Board examination in plastic surgery held in Europe. A list of all Fellows (these are Specialist Plastic Surgeons, who have additionally passed the EBOPRAS examination) is available on this site. It also supports an annual Plastic Surgery Course aimed at senior trainees in Plastic. It may also endorse other courses.

The accreditation committee is involved with training programmes for Plastic Surgery, and produces recommendations as to their composition and duration, with the aim of harmonisation within Europe. It carries out visitations of European training centres to assess their programme and grant recognition where appropriate. It also tries to encourage exchanges and scholarships between centres. A list of accredited centres is available on the website.

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EBOPRAS – European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and …

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic & Service in Kolkata

Posted: October 19, 2015 at 6:43 am

Dr. Adhikari is adequately trained in all aspects of aesthetic surgery which includes liposuction, abdominoplasty, cosmetic breast surgeries (breast augmentation, breast reduction, breastlift), male breast surgery for gynecomastia, facelift, browlift, hair transplantation, male and female aesthetic surgeries (penile enlargement, hymenoplasty, labiaplasty) and so on. Vitiligo surgery, botox and fat grafting are other procedures commonly performed by him. Dr. Adhikari is one of the few plastic surgeons in Kolkata who has had training overseas in Johns Hopkins University, USA. To increase his surgical knowledge he has a habit of regularly visiting overseas centers so as to continually update him on the latest techniques in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Moreover, it is absolutely certain that you would be guided through everything you need with him by contacting the service cosmetic surgery kolkata.

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Kolkata

Dr. Souvik Adhikari, MS MCh is a qualified plastic surgeon who practices in Kolkata under the name of Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata.

Dr. Adhikari boasts of an immense academic record right from his school days and has been bestowed with multiple scholarships as well as fellowships throughout his career. He continues to pursue fellowships so as to regularly update himself on the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Adhikari has been drawn into the field of plastic surgery simply because of his interest in aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery which endows the surgeon to create. It is therefore a sense on achievement on part of the surgeon to create something that others would appreciate. Apart from that, he has keen interest in restoring lost parts and function therefore he is also interested in the whole gamut of reconstructive surgeries which includes complex microvascular surgeries.

In his student life Dr. Adhikari cherished a dream to offer his knowledge and skills to people from all levels of society at a very reasonable cost and that day has finally arrived and has taken form in the name of Cosmetic Surgery Kolkata which already has created a huge demand among the people of Kolkata and overseas.

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Clinic & Service in Kolkata

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Phuket Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic

Posted: October 11, 2015 at 3:49 am

For Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Phuket

Phuket Aesthetic Surgery Clinic located at the Pearl Island of the Andaman known as Phuket, Thailand, is one of the most reputable aesthetic, cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery clinics in Phuket. Regarded as the Phuket leading professional in Aesthetic and Plastic surgery, we are devoted to providing you with the highest possible quality standard of care in the field of aesthetic, cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery and surgical procedures to rejuvenate your appearance : Blepharoplasty (Upper, Lower Eyelid Surgery), Mini Facelift and Neck Lift, Temporal Lift, Brown Lift, Botox Injection, Filler Injection (Hyaluronic acid : Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Juvederm Voluma, Restylane, Perlane), Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Solf Silicone Implant, Alarplasty, Chin Augmenttion, Nevus, Mole, Mass, Cyst Removal (Excision), Labiaplasty, Otoplasty, Scar Revision, Skin Cancer Treatment, Umbilical Hernia correction, and Others. Your safety and satisfaction is our primary concern.

With over 10 years aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery experiences in Phuket, Dr. Pongsakorn Eamtanaporn offers sincere and professional consultation in a comfortable, elegant and modern environment. Due to his strongly successful and proven qualified background at his private clinic, Phuket Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, Plastic Surgeon of Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Phuket International hospital Dr. Pongsakorn performs numbers of Phuket masterpieces in aesthetic, cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. He constantly adheres to the highest standards of excellence as continually striving to improve and perfect his approach to aesthetic, cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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Phuket Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic

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Plastic Surgery – Orlando FL – The Institute of Aesthetic …

Posted: September 25, 2015 at 7:48 pm

Our desire is to provide you with the finest personalized care, while creating beautiful, natural results turning your dreams into reality. Using a combination of cosmetic surgery, lasers, injectable dermal fillers, and skin care, we can help you achieve the look you want. We are located in the Orlando area with offices in Celebration and Altamonte Springs. Mission To help each person fully develop their God given potential by delivering the most effective and efficient rejuvenation procedures in a loving and caring environment, using the latest techniques and technology. Creed Every person is a child of God who deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and tender loving care. We are placed on this earth to honor and glorify God. We serve Him by serving our fellow man.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Dr. Richard Gregory and Dr. Roxanne Sylora

**Please note, we are no longer accepting personal checks; we appreciate your understanding- Management

Institute of Aesthetic Surgery is a multi-facility plastic surgery practice in Orlando, Florida with locations in Celebration and Altamonte Springs, Florida. Founding physician Richard Gregory, MD is a board certified plastic surgeon, laser specialist, and national trainer for lasers and injectable products. Board certified plastic surgeon Roxanne Sylora, MD performs body contouring procedures and breast surgery. A diverse array of surgical and non-surgical treatments is available, making Institute of Aesthetic Surgery an excellent choice for patients with nearly any cosmetic concern. Procedures include facelift, eyelid surgery, nasal contouring, lip enhancement, breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, Botox, facial dermal fillers, laser treatments, and much more. The Institute of Aesthetic Surgery has become well known in Central Florida and around the world as a first-class source for plastic surgery and laser treatments.

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Plastic Surgery – Orlando FL – The Institute of Aesthetic …

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Cosmetic Surgery Tulsa | Oklahoma Surgery Center | Tulsa …

Posted: September 22, 2015 at 9:48 am

(918) 392-7900 | 7322 E 91st St | Tulsa, OK 74133

Voted as “Best of the Best” in the category of Cosmetic Surgery in Oklahoma magazine

The cosmetic surgeons of Tulsa Surgical Arts offer the most rewarding cosmetic surgery procedures in Tulsa, OK and latest techniques, such as silicone gel breast implants – a patient favorite – and breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

The cosmetic surgeons of Tulsa Surgical Arts offer all the most common and gratifying cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Cuzalina and his staff have been influential in the field of cosmetic surgery for cutting edge surgical techniques, education of other surgeons, maximizing patient safety measures, continual literature contributions to the field, all while working in one of the most state of the art accredited facilities in the country. Common procedures being breast augmentation, breast lifts/reductions, tummy tuck, liposuction, facial rejuvenation and post massive weight loss cosmetic procedures.

Tulsa Surgical Arts offers the new Lightsheer DUET for laser hair removal, and many complimenting treatments to cosmetic surgery, including Botox, Juvederm, and the new eyelash enhancer Latisse in our medical spa Tulsa, OK.

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Cosmetic Surgery Tulsa | Oklahoma Surgery Center | Tulsa …

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery – Metairie, LA – New Orleans, LA …

Posted: September 16, 2015 at 1:43 am

Dr. Stephen Eric Metzingerperforms standard facelifts, as well as three advanced techniques to meet each patients unique needs. If you have only mild to moderate wrinkles, he may recommend a mini facelift, which requires small or endoscopic incisions made with tiny instruments. We also provide minimal access cranial suspension (MACS) facelifts, which require only small incisions around the ears. For patients with severe wrinkles, especially between the upper lip and nose, Dr. Metzinger can perform a deep-plane facelift, during which he repositions the underlying tissue as in addition to modifying the skin and removing fat. He can also combine a facelift with fat grafting and skin resurfacing.

Aging, wrinkled, sagging brows can make you appear sad or angry. To help you enjoy a more youthful, calm look, Dr. Metzinger can perform a brow lift. For patients with less dramatic wrinkles or sagging, he can perform a lateral, or mini, lift with a smaller incision across the forehead. For patients who want smaller, less noticeable scars, he can perform a minimally invasive endoscopic brow lift, using a tiny viewing tool and small surgical instruments inserted through short incisions to tighten facial tissue and remove excess skin. He can also perform a trichophytic brow lift, which involves smoothing skin and tissue through a wavy incision along your hairline.

If you struggle with wrinkled or sagging eyelids, Dr. Metzinger can perform a blepharoplasty to remove excess skin, fat, and tissue. With two decades of experience and a published academic article on this type of plastic surgery, he can correct both cosmetic concerns and medical issues, such as ectropion disorders or obscured vision. Dr. Metzinger can enhance your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. He may use a transcutaneous incision, directly above or below your lashes, or a transconjunctival incision within the eyelid to reshape it. He may also complement this procedure with fat grafting to plump the skin around your eyes.

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, is one of the most commonly performed procedures at our office. If your nose is asymmetrical, bulbous, disproportionate to your face, or shaped in a way that prevents you from breathing properly, a rhinoplasty can enhance the balance of your features and allow you to breathe more easily. Each of these surgeries is personalized to your particular needs and treatment goals. Dr. Metzinger will typically make incisions within your nose to modify the cartilage and bones. He may also build up your nose to improve its shape and angle.

The dimensions of your chin can significantly impact your appearance, especially if it is disproportionately small. To enhance the size of your chin, Dr. Metzinger can perform chin augmentation surgery. He will make a small incision under your chin and place a silicone or polyethylene implant to increase its size. He may also use structural fat grafting or dermal fillers to augment your chin. Dr. Metzinger often recommends this procedure for patients who are undergoing rhinoplasty, since this can help to balance the proportions of a refined nose.

Many patients want fuller, plumper lips for a sexy look. To help achieve this effect, Dr. Metzinger performs lip augmentation. We can add volume to your lips by injecting materials from your own body, such as purified fats collected during liposuction. Dr. Metzinger can also fill your lips with Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved biocompatible synthetic materials such as Cosmoderm, Hylaform, AlloDerm, GORE-TEX, Restylane, and more. Although some injections are typically less expensive than fat grafting, there is some risk of allergic reaction or rejection and the effects are temporary.

If you want full, shapely cheeks, Dr. Metzinger can perform cheek augmentation surgery to improve your appearance. This surgery can help improve the proportions, symmetry, and definition of your face. Dr. Metzinger will make a thin incision along your cheek and insert a silicone implant for added volume. He may also use fat grafting, transferring fat cells from your own body to enhance your cheeks. Dr. Metzinger can also plump your cheeks with synthetic dermal fillers. While minimally invasive, these injections are temporary and will require repeated treatment to maintain results.

As an alternative to volumizing dermal fillers like Restylane or Hylaform, Dr. Metzinger and our team perform structural fat grafting. During this process, we collect fat cells from unwanted deposits on your body using liposuction, purify them in a centrifuge, and inject them back into your face or body for a sexier shape or smoother skin. Unlike synthetic fillers, your body will not reject its own tissue and grafts provide a natural appearance. Fat grafting also typically do not require repeated treatments, although you may choose to have follow-up injections to diminish lines or sagging as you age.

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Facial Cosmetic Surgery – Metairie, LA – New Orleans, LA …

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Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre and Medical Spa …

Posted: August 12, 2015 at 9:42 am

Welcome to SpaMedica Infinite Vitality Clinic, one of Canadas most reputable and trusted names in the field of aesthetic medicine. If youd like to learn more about the industry-leading treatments offered at our clinics, you can do so by choosing one of the three options above. If you are visiting us because you have a cosmetic concern and would like more information on the solutions available, then select the area of your concern below, and we will guide you with some of the most comprehensive information available on the web. Thank you for trusting SpaMedica.

While putting your best face forward is a clichd saying, its still an important thought anyway. Your face is what shows your emotions and expressions. People focus on your face in social, work and day-to-day situations every day. Your happiness, sadness, anger and excitement shows from your facial features. You want to look how you feel inside. You dont want to look tired or angry when youre not. Or perhaps youre ready to take years off your looks because natural ageing has worn you down. At SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland offers several surgical and non-surgical options to rejuvenate your face. Dermal fillers and Botox injections quickly diminish your wrinkles and fine lines. These non-surgical treatments banish those signs of ageing so you can feel comfortable in your skin. For a dramatic makeover, we offer facelifts. Facelifts easily make you appear 10 years younger. Non-surgical facelifts are available if youre not quite ready for a full-on facelift. Concerned about your tired looking or droopy eyes? Blepharoplasty removes excess skin on your eyelids to make your eyes look more awake. It also minimizes the look of heavy eye bagspeople wont constantly ask if youre tired anymore after this procedure. Browlifts also help to open up your eye area and elevate your facial features for a more refreshed appearance. Lack of definition and contours of your chin and cheek is addressed through chin and cheek augmentation. This procedure gives you a defined appearance of your chin and cheek to balance out the rest of your facial features. Necklifts also provide more definition to your neck, jowl and jawline. Dr. Mulholland will remove loose or saggy skin to provide you a smooth and sleek neck.

YOUR CONCERN Acne Age Spots and Sun Damage Spots Chicken Pox Scars Dark Circles Under Eyes Double Chin Droopy Upper Eyelid Droopy Eyebrows Droopy Jowls Enlarged Earlobes Enlarged Pores Loose Neck Skin Lower Eyelid Bags Lower Eyelid Wrinkles Neck Cords Oily Skin Wrinkles Wrinkled Earlobes Torn Earlobes Sun Damaged Skin Small or Asymmetrical Jawline Small or Asymmetrical Lips Small Earlobes Small Chin and Cheeks Skin Laxity Facial Scars Rosacea Old Looking Neck Skin Nasal Breathing Obstruction Deflated Cheeks Facial Fat Grafting

If you are unhappy with having an unbalanced or overly emphasized nose, there is no reason not to do something about it. It is possible to correct the appearance of your nose to enhance the look of your face through rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, can change the noses structure, shape and form. Though it is a complex procedure, it is commonly performed and provides results that improve our patients appearance and confidence. Dr. Mulholland, a Toronto plastic surgeon, has over 20 years of experience in performing rhinoplasty. His confident and skilled approach to nose jobs ensures SpaMedica patients consistently see fantastic results following their rhinoplasty procedures.

YOUR CONCERN Nose Bridge Bump Nose Bridge Scoop Crooked Nose

Clear and radiant skin is key to looking healthy. You can mask skin imperfections with makeup, but thats still not enough in the long run. Your skin is like a canvas for products and makeupskin should be smooth and clear before applying products. SpaMedica offers a wide variety of treatments to enhance your skin. We know that acne is a common and frustrating problem for a lot of people. To clear up those bumps and scars, we perform acne treatments and acne scar reduction which involve fractional lasers. Rosacea and sun spots are also treated through laser treatments, like the Photo Facial, to give you a clearer complexion. Having firm and tight skin is something many people want in order to maintain their youthful appearance. One of the skin tightening treatments we offer is fractional laser skin therapy. Microdermabrasion treats all sorts of skin concerns like oily skin, textural irregularities or enlarged pores. There are many treatment options for you to choose from depending on your skin concern. If cellulite is what bugs you, we can help you with that too. Minimize the look of cellulite on your legs and thighs through laser treatments like the VelaShape and VelaSmooth. Maintain your radiant skin with our medical skincare products. Prevent signs of ageing and protect your skin with our selection of dermatology products. Weve all done things we later regretted but unlike many past mistakes, tattoos dont have to stay with us our entire lives. SpaMedica uses some of the most advanced lasers, with multiple wavelengths, for the best laser tattoo removal results.

YOUR CONCERN Age Spots Cellulite Reduction Chicken Pox Scars Dry Skin Enlarged Pores Moles and Skin Tags Oily Skin Old Looking Neck Skin Rosacea Rough, Bumpy and Uneven Skin Scars Loose Skin Body Stretch Marks Sun Damage Wrinkled Skin Old Looking Hand Skin

Women seek breast augmentation for different reasons. Sometimes women just want bigger breasts to feel more comfortable and confident in their skin. Other women want to regain the volume and lift in their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Whatever the case, SpaMedica offers a variety of breast augmentation techniques and implants for you to choose from. Fat transplantation allows you to move fat
from one part of your body to your breasts. If you want an even more noticeable difference, saline and cohesive gel breast implants are also available. Before your procedure, youll have 3D computer imaging done on your breasts to show you how your results will look like after the surgery. This technology is called the Vectra 3D breast imaging system and it takes all the guesswork out of plastic surgery in a try before you buy approach. If youre looking to reduce or lift your breasts, SpaMedica also offers breast lifts and breast reductions to meet your needs.

YOUR CONCERN Bra Line Fat Breast Asymmetry Droopy Breasts Large Breasts Old Looking Breast Skin Small Breasts

When warm weather rolls in, its expected to start wearing shorts, skirts and short-sleeved tops. But if youre self-conscious about certain body areas like your arms and legs, its uncomfortable to bear it all in front of everyone. Even vigorous exercise cant get rid of loose or hanging fat and skin on your arms and legs. People who have lost a large amount of weight tend to see loose skin on these body parts. SpaMedica offers arm lifts and thigh lifts to give you a more sculpted and tighter look for your arms and legs. These lifts elevate and tighten your skin for a more attractive appearance. Warm weather also causes us to sweat more. For some people, sweating excessively is an issue regardless of the season. MiraDry, a non-surgical treatment, permanently deactivates the sweat glands in the armpit area. This means you wont have to worry about sweating or odours any longer. Cellulite is commonly seen on the legs and thighs. We offer different laser treatments to reduce the looks of this cosmetic concern that affects plenty of people of all ages. Another common problem is leg and spider veins. Although leg veins usually appear in people over age 50, younger people are starting to see these bulging veins on their legs too. SpaMedica offers laser leg vein treatments to reduce or remove these veins.

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Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre and Medical Spa …

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Dr. Clayton Frenzel | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery | Dallas …

Posted: August 3, 2015 at 3:44 pm

Meet Dr. C

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area for over 25 years and now is under the care of Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Clayton Frenzel. Women and men in the DFW area visit Dr. Frenzel for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, many of which are life-changing procedures.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, we focus on building partnerships with our patients so they get the most out of their experience with us. Dr. Frenzel is very personable and an excellent surgeon to partner with as you work toward improving your appearance, whether that involves a body enhancement procedure like breast implants, liposuction, abdominoplasty or facial cosmetic surgery to reduce the signs of aging.

In addition, Dr Frenzel specializes in post weight loss patients who have lost weight from either bariatric surgery or from diet and exercise. Many times after successful weight loss these patients have various body contouring cosmetic plastic surgery needs which can be addressed in a private consultation with Dr. Frenzel.

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Dr. Clayton Frenzel | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery | Dallas …

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Discover Cosmetic Surgery – Creating Beauty from Within

Posted: July 18, 2015 at 9:45 am

A double chin often goes hand in hand with a weight problem although not necessarily obese. And being overweight is often the route cause of poor self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

Making the decision to either lose enough weight More >

Being unhappy because of the size of their calves seems to be the norm for many women nowadays. Alas, a lot of women are complaining that their legs are way too big, specifically their calves, although fortunately for them, there is now a highly effective procedure that can help resolve More >

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Women are sometimes unhappy with the way they appear to others and that includes the actual shape and size of their breasts. Quite a few women are envious of other women, wishing their breasts to be a lot more like those of women they know or simply admire in the More >

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As little as 20 years ago, it was believed that the speed and degree to which your complexion crinkled was based largely on your genetic inheritance. We now know differently.

Certain hereditary factors influence how your skin will age. You inherit your skin type. You may also inherit a familial tendency More >

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Discover Cosmetic Surgery – Creating Beauty from Within

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