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Interventional Cardiology – Florida Medical Clinic

Posted: October 4, 2018 at 5:43 am

Interventional Cardiology Services at Florida Medical Clinic Interventional cardiology is a medical specialty involving the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of certain heart conditions. At Florida Medical Clinic, were proud to offer our patients a range of leading-edge cardiology services, including innovative, non-surgical options. Patients with heart conditions such as the following may benefit from minimally invasive, catheter-based, interventional cardiology treatments: At Florida Medical Clinic, we evaluate each patients unique needs to determine which diagnostic procedures and treatments are the most appropriate. In many cases, this can include the minimally invasive procedures performed by our interventional cardiology team. For instance, our physicians may be able to use interventional techniques to re-establish blood flow to the heart when blood vessels are damaged or blocked, or to replace a malfunctioning aortic valve without the need for open heart surgery. Catheter-based testing can also help us pinpoint the cause of a patients chest pain when imaging scans do not indicate any abnormalities in the coronary arteries. Ensuring patient safety is our top priority, and we consider a number of factors when determining which treatments to recommend. In many cases, our interventional procedures can offer a number of advantages over more invasive alternatives. Additionally, … Continue reading

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Interventional Cardiology | Heart Hospital of New Mexico

Posted: at 5:43 am

Our interventional services are backed by state-of-the-art technology and surgical suites, and a team of outstanding physicians and surgeons. Our brand new catheterization and electrophysiology labs and dedicated cardiovascular operating room offer leading edge technology to assist physicians in optimizing patient outcomes. The Heart Hospital of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center is proud to offer advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of both cardiac and vascular issues. Our physicians conduct a wide range of sophisticated, minimally invasive procedures using our state-of-the-art catheterization labs. Interventional cardiologists treat damaged vessels, weakened heart valves and narrowed arteries which can be caused by various types of heart disease, including: Catheters are thin, flexible tubes that interventional cardiologists use to repair damaged arteries or other heart structures. Cardiac catheterization is also used to perform diagnostic testing to evaluate arteries and heart valve function. It is a minimally invasive procedure that offers many benefits over open surgery including lighter sedation, less risk of bleeding, and much quicker recovery. Cardiac catheters can be inserted through the femoral artery in the groin or through the radial artery in the wrist. There are pros and cons to each method, but the radial procedure greatly reduces the risk … Continue reading

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Interventional Cardiology – Crozer-Keystone Health System – PA

Posted: at 5:43 am

For certain heart conditions, interventional cardiology may present a lower risk alternative to invasive surgical procedures. With the help of X-ray guidance, doctors can access the heart by inserting catheters and wires through arteries in the wrist or groin to fix a variety of issues, from blockages in coronary arteries to holes in the heart wall. While the field of interventional cardiology is not new, the procedures offered within it are constantly evolving. Continued refinements have led to better techniques and equipment and therefore, better results. Healthcare providers continually look for newer technologies and techniques to provide the most up-to-date care for their patients. There are a variety of cardiovascular conditions that can be treated this way. The most common ones include heart attacks, severe chest pain (angina) related to coronary heart disease, and other conditions that might affect a persons quality of life. It can also be used to treat or replace problematic heart valves, prevent stroke, fix aneurysms, and even insert pacemakers. Gary Fairchild from Wallingford, Pa. had a completely blocked artery and suffered a heart attack. Thanks to interventional cardiologist Muhammad Raza, M.D. he's here to talk about it today. Angioplasty uses a catheter with a small … Continue reading

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Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology | Texas Tech …

Posted: at 5:43 am

The cardiology fellowship is a three-year training program. The cardiology fellow is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and works closely with the staff cardiologists. Invasive training provides experience in cardiac catheterization, insertion of temporary and permanent pacemakers, electrophysiology, percutaneous coronary intervention, and insertion of the intraaortic balloon pump. Noninvasive training includes transthoracic echocardiography, stress testing, transesophageal echocardiography, and exposure to nuclear cardiography. Fellows will spend a part of each year dedicated to clinical or basic science research activities and are expected to submit their results for publication. Fellows also teach residents and medical students at the bedside. The interventional cardiology fellowship is a one year training program. The interventional fellow is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of endovascular intervention and works closely with the staff interventional cardiologists. Invasive training provides experience in left heart catheterization as a primary operator, uses of the different types of catheters when cannulation of a coronary artery is difficult and appropriate medical management or percutaneous intervention or surgical revascularization for patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Also, procedures include successfully cannulate bypass grafts and recognize anomalous origins of coronary artery when present. Fellows will spend part of each year dedicated … Continue reading

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Invasive & Interventional Cardiology Section | Cleveland Clinic

Posted: at 5:43 am

Overview The Section of Invasive and Interventional Cardiology offers cutting-edge diagnostic tests and nonsurgical interventional treatments for patients with atherosclerosis and congenital heart disease. These therapies include the use of stents, angioplasty, intravascular ultrasound, embolic-protection devices and enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP). Our physicians have one of the nation's largest practices for fighting restenosis. Coronary angiography was developed at Cleveland Clinic in 1958 by F. Mason Sones, M.D. The F. Mason Sones Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory features 10 catheterization laboratories. We perform more than 45 catheterizations on a typical day. Our experts are actively involved in research of percutaneous treatments for other heart conditions, including percutaneous valve repair and percutaneous valve replacement surgery. Each year, the staff of the Section of Invasive and Interventional Cardiologysees thousands of patients with almost every kind of heart disease. Our interventionalists treat people of all ages from around the world who have serious, sometimes life-threatening, cardiac conditions. We provide care for problems as common as a bout of chest pain (angina), as well as more serious conditions such as heart attack (myocardial infarction) and mini-stroke (transient ischemic attack) or as debilitating as leg pain during exercise (severe claudication). The quality of our care and excellence of … Continue reading

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Interventional Cardiology | Medical City Fort Worth

Posted: at 5:43 am

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has approved Medical City Fort Worths Interventional Cardiology Fellowship program for initial accreditation status, as of January 2018. (2) ACGME Approved Positions The Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology at Medical City Fort Worth is designed to provide the trainee with high quality instruction and experience in interventional cardiology. The volume is high in both cardiac and peripheral interventions. The program is 12 months in duration. Residents may be accepted into the program only after successfully completing three years of general Internal Medicine training and three years of general Cardiology training. The base training institution is Medical City Fort Worth. The curriculum includes a core of didactics, which are molded after the core competencies in the COCATS document. These didactics will be delivered through the cardiology lecture series presented by Faculty and Cardiology Fellows which include weekly cardiac catheterization conferences, cardiology conferences, journal club, and daily academic rounds on all rotations. The goals of the interventional cardiology Fellowship include: Identification of cardiology disease states that are amenable to catheter-based intervention; development of the medical knowledge and technical skill to perform appropriate catheter-based interventions and to provide appropriate pre- and post-procedure care. Continuity outpatient clinic … Continue reading

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Interventional Cardiology | North Florida Regional Medical …

Posted: at 5:43 am

There are a number of interventional cardiovascular procedures that your doctor may choose to diagnose and/or treat your condition. Interventional cardiology procedures are also referred to as minimally invasive because they do not involve the extensive surgery of open-heart procedures like coronary artery bypass or valve replacement. A wide array of interventional treatments are available to patients of The Heart & Vascular Center for conditions that block the flow of blood through the arteries in the heart and other vessels in the body. We have installed the latest, state-of-the-art technology and digital imaging equipment in our catheterization labs. Using the high quality images produced by this technology, physicians can see clearly inside the body to diagnose cardiovascular conditions and decide how best to treat them. Physicians and staff are committed to reducing the radiation dose patients experience in nuclear cardiology procedures as much as possible. Intravenous Ultrasound is an example of technology that can be used to improve accuracy of what the physician sees without increasing radiation dosage. A variety of procedures are performed inside the catheterization labs everything from diagnostic catheterizations to coronary interventions. No matter the procedure, rest assured you will be cared for by expert physicians who … Continue reading

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Interventional Cardiology | Department of Medicine …

Posted: at 5:43 am

The mission of our program is two-fold: to train physicians in interventional cardiology and to improve patient outcomes through innovation. Physicians in the Interventional Cardiology Fellowship train at three inherently different clinical programs: a traditional university, a high-volume private institution, and a VA Medical Center emphasizing approaches to complex atherosclerosis. By combining experiences at these three sites, we hope to achieve the three goals of training: scholarship, innovation, and clinical experience. Each fellow's clinical training will be equally divided between the University of Minnesota Medical Center-Fairview, University of Minnesota Physicians Heart Care (Southdale Hospital), and the Veterans' Administration Medical Center in Minneapolis. Each fellow will become proficient in coronary intervention, including balloon dilation, atherectomy, and stent placement. In addition, fellows will gain proficiency in coronary physiology, intravascular ultrasound, coronary bloodflow measurement, ASD closure, and percutaneous wound closure. A smaller experience in valve dilation is available. Educational and research programs are essential to the training program. Fellows are expected to conduct and participate in research studies that will result in publication. Additionally, each fellow is responsible for presenting at conferences throughout the year, including at least one in-depth research presentation. Three (3) positions are available annually in the interventional cardiology fellowship … Continue reading

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Interventional Cardiology Journal | Peer reviewed Journal

Posted: September 24, 2018 at 5:44 am

H Index: 6 Google Scholar h5 index: 6 Cardiology as a field of study has been gaining great significance with the increasing financial burden to the nations of the globe. Cardio vascular diseases are the number one reason for deaths globally. Interventional cardiology is a scholarly open access journal that offers an Open Access platform to the scholars, amateurs, clinical practitioners and students that are keen in contributing their findings in this field. Since cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by addressing behavioural risk factors Interventional cardiology journal includes wide areas of studies in this field by including apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, coronary artery ectasia, fetal heart calcification, chronic arterial insufficiency, cardiovascular disease and its association with cancer, peri-arrest period, complications after heart surgery, early repolarization symptoms, coronary arteritis, inflammatory vascular disease, inflammatory cardiomyopathy, systolic pressure variation, left atrium enlargement, and ventricular septal defect (VSD). The journal offers thoroughly reviewed original research as research articles, review articles, case studies, commentaries, Short Communication, and Letters to the Editors in the areas not limited to association of abiotrophia species with heart problem, heart and blood vessel disorders, myocardial infarction (heart attack), issues of cardiac arrest, stroke, techniques and procedure used in stent implantation, anticoagulant … Continue reading

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Interventional > Cardiovascular Medicine | Internal Medicine …

Posted: September 20, 2018 at 8:44 am

Yale Interventional Cardiology has a robust history in cardiovascular catheterization and intervention providing state of the art care for patients in the New England and New York Regions and currently serves as a national and international referral center for specialty percutaneous interventional procedures. The Yale Interventional team services Yale New Haven Hospital, the West Haven Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Greenwich Hospital, Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, and Backus Hospitals in the Connecticut community. Yale Interventional cardiology is focused on global vascular patient care with specialists in complex coronary disease, structural heart disease, and peripheral vascular diseases. We both lead and participate in a variety of clinical trials to develop devices and techniques to manage unmet needs in interventional cardiovascular medicine. Our research team is engaged in clinical investigation locally and also has global reach via our investigational team, infrastructure, and core laboratories with Yale Cardiovascular Research Group (YCRG). We have developed international affiliations with University College London in the UK, and Clinica Cardiovid in Columbia, South America, which has provided synergies in clinical medicine, research, and education. In addition we are in the process of establishing a similar affiliation with the University of Athens Medical School. The overall goal of these … Continue reading

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