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Posted: October 30, 2019 at 6:44 pm

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That day is the 11the of October, International Day of the Girl Child. While there could be many different topics and issues we could touch on when it comes to the empowerment of females, What better way is there than to introduce women who are making things happen inspiring their community. Today we focus on Japan and explore what up and coming initiative is strengthening its community.

Meet EikoKitagawa a mother of 2 children determined to tackle mental, physical healthand well-being by educating people the benefit of utilizing clay a naturalresource that has been around on earth for ages.

According to the directory of clay material for the self-reliance potter, Clay is a product of the continuous weathering of the Earths surface. Our study of clay begins with how the planet Earth was formed.

Weathering breaks up the granite rocks and enables the water to wash away the soluble soda, potash or lime parts of the feldspar. These soluble parts are carried away by water and the soda ends up adding to the salt of the oceans. Most of the remaining alumina and silica of the feldspar combine with water and forms a new mineral: clay.

Eiko Kitagawabegan her journey in 2017 by working as a clay therapist. Whileclay is still a niche topic in Japan she was certain that this was a solutionto both mental and physical wellbeing for people.

In Japan, the word Clay is mostly known for mud bath where people will take a bath filled with mud/clay material. Eiko continues,

After working at the National bank and receiving blessings of giving birth to a daughter and a son, I had a great opportunity to find out about clay and its effect as a cure for personal skin problems. With my daughters allergies and between my son infant eczema and my hand eczema I have come to experience the positive effect of utilizing Clay as a skin cream.That was when I began to learn more about it. The more I learn the larger my passion grew. Now it is my mission to share the impact here in Japan and the world.

Understanding the physical benefit of clay material and how it helps your skin to be better, we were curious to know about the relationship between the material and mental health.

Eiko shared with us, thetag line I have been pushing forward goes like this Encouraging positivehealing with the infinite power of nature.

Through providing solutions based on Clay material, Its my mission to 1 close the gap between us and nature and 2. Providing enjoyment of interacting with clay a natural resource nature provides,3 encourage mental and physical well-being. And most importantly it is this process we believe could be the most effective in providing ultimate wellbeing.

In recent years,stress has been a big issue causing various negative effects in modern society.

There are manypeople who choose to combat this by interacting with nature. Some take a breakfrom work and go out for a hike in a vast nature. Seemingly out of nowheredecides to go on a trip.

Actions like this remind us that our body understands and long for green scenery, air and all the positive effects nature provides us.

After I started using clay for my skin, I have become more conscious about removing extra things from my body and adding nutrition and things that are not consumed enough (Clay also has this effect of sucking out extra things and replenishes minerals). I have also been far more conscious of my state both mentally and physically.

This may be the flywheel that will enrich modern society. While there are many cosmetics sold throughout the globe Amazonian clay infused makeup brash: introduced on QVC for one, rather than putting the materialistic or physical beauty on the peddle stole, workshops and courses such as the one Eiko organizes help us also at a mental level. By helping people be more conscious of why they choose the product, continually remind them of the importance of mental health, physical health and ultimately self-care.

Eiko is now on the verge of building one of building a like-minded community that shares the understanding and value of clay. We thank this opportunity to witness Eikos journey and it is our desire that people around the world can benefit from such initiative. This is International Day of the Girl Child, Introducing empowering women around the globe series, Japan.

You can find outmore about Eiko Kitagawas work from Facebook page. Earthly Harmony

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