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Ulcerative Colitis | ACG Patients

Posted: June 16, 2018 at 1:43 am

Medical treatment of ulcerative colitis generally focuses on two separate goals: the induction of remission (making a sick person well) and the maintenance of remission (keeping a well person from getting sick again). Surgery is also a treatment option for UC and will be discussed separately. Continue reading

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| Muscular Dystrophy Association

Posted: at 1:43 am

From Caregiver to Clinic Coordinator: Karen Toennis Journey Alongside ALS In the 25 years since her husbands diagnosis, Karen has seen a lot of progress on the ALS front. Continue reading

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Cardiac Surgery – University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Posted: at 1:42 am

The Heart Institute is an international leader in cardiac surgery. Continue reading

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Stria terminalis – Wikipedia

Posted: at 1:42 am

The stria terminalis (or terminal stria) is a structure in the brain consisting of a band of fibers running along the lateral margin of the ventricular surface of the thalamus. Serving as a major output pathway of the amygdala, the stria terminalis runs from its centromedial division to the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus Continue reading

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13 Good Foods for Eczema Sufferers – Top Eczema Treatments

Posted: at 1:41 am

Today I wanted to have a look at13 good foods that can help treat eczema naturally. Eczema, or Atopic Dermatitis, is a condition which causes the skin to become inflamed and irritated. While extremely common in children, still affects around 10% of the adult population totaling over 30 million people in the United States alone. Continue reading

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Eczema on face: Best creams and what to avoid

Posted: at 1:41 am

Our faces are, for most of us, the last place we want to have eczema. It is our most distinguishing body part which we generally spend the most amount of time caring for. We preen it, we nurture it, and we are identified by it. Continue reading

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Lower vascular plant | biology |

Posted: at 1:41 am

Alternative Titles:Pteridophyta, cryptogam, pteridophyte, seedless vascular plant, vascular cryptogam Lower vascular plant, formerly pteridophyte, also called vascular cryptogam, any of the spore-bearing vascular plants, including the ferns, club mosses, spike mosses, quillworts, horsetails, and whisk ferns. Once considered of the same evolutionary line, these plants were formerly placed in the single group Pteridophyta and were known as the ferns and fern allies. Continue reading

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Cardiac resynchronization therapy – Wikipedia

Posted: at 1:41 am

An implanted cardiac resynchronization device is a medical device used in cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT). It resynchronizes the contractions of the hearts ventricles by sending tiny electrical impulses to the heart muscle, which can help the heart pump blood throughout the body more efficiently Continue reading

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Ventricle (heart) – Wikipedia

Posted: at 1:40 am

A ventricle is one of two large chambers in the heart that collect and expel blood received from an atrium towards the peripheral beds within the body and lungs. Continue reading

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Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation – …

Posted: at 1:40 am

The Acute Phase During the acute phase, it is very important that the person receive prompt medical care. The faster the person accesses treatment, the better his or her chances are at having the least amount of impairment possible Continue reading

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