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Posted: December 5, 2018 at 10:44 am

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Tia: It was horrible. My skin literally had split.

Tatyanna: People would ask me, did you get burned?

Zsa Zsa: It hurt so much that Id run it under hot, hot water, because for the moment I forgot the pain.

Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from a chronic form of eczema. Here are three of their stories.

Zsa Zsa: My Name is Zsa Zsa.

Tatyanna: My name is Tatyanna.

Tia: My name is Tia. I have eczema around my mouth, around my eyes, on my ears, and around my neck, on these three fingers and on the side of my hand.

Tatyanna: The rashes cover a good 60% of my body.

Zsa Zsa: Im burning right now in my legs from scratching last night.

Tia: Its gonna itch, you gonna scratch, its gonna itch again, you gonna scratch. Its like the itching just does not stop.

Zsa Zsa: Getting eczema anywhere is bad, but I think that one of the worst places is when it attacks my face. You know, thats what people see about you. There have been times when it's blotchy everywhere. I look like a monster!

Tia: I think they always lookin.

Tatyanna: Growing up, I felt kind of like an alien.

Tia: Whats that on your arm? Did you catch something?

Tatyanna: I didnt want to date. I didnt want any boyfriends.

Tia: If a camera comes out, I dont wanna be in the picture.

Zsa Zsa: I would just stay in my cubicle and not go out and see people.

Tatyanna: I never actually wanted to work. I thought if they saw my eczema, it would affect my position for the job.

Zsa Zsa: Ive tried so many things to treat my eczema. Goat soap, shea soap, coconut soap.

Tia: The putting the creams and the lotions and all these different ointments that your doctor gives to you, the minute that you stop its coming back again.

Zsa Zsa: I mean, who would think that a skin problem would be debilitating? You know, but it's, its more than just a little scratching. Its really intrusive. Its almost like a foreign invader that comes into my body and just takes over. Its like something that just rises up through my skin. I dont know where it comes from.

The most common type of eczema is actually a chronic disease called atopic dermatitis. The rashes on the surface are caused by an overactive immune system and an abnormal skin barrier.

Tia: Oh, no. I never, I never knew that. No one that has eczema thinks of under the skin, at least I didnt.

Tatyanna: I always thought it was an external problem. It makes more sense now that, um, it is an internal problem.

Zsa Zsa: This is kind of a new finding for me, makes me feel like Im not alone. Theres going to be more work on my part because Im not just a victim.

Talk to your doctor about atopic dermatitis.

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