Will a testosterone-boosting supplement work for you?

Posted: June 11, 2013 at 6:52 am

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It is quite natural that men want to be more manly. In fact, hormone-related manliness is part of what makes us males take more risks, stress ourselves to work harder, and in general, do sometimes amazing, yet incredibly dangerous things like this.

But for those of us who simply want to reverse the effects of aging, gain lean muscle and burn fat faster, the male hormone testosterone is also incredibly important.

Many drug or supplement companies may take advantage of this need, and produce a testosterone "boosting" supplement that will make you into Rambo, Superman and the Incredible Hulk all rolled into one.

Here is why it won't work, and some sound habits and actions that will.

Why most testosterone boosting supplements fail.

1. They are distributed by big retail chains. Most of these places have HUGE overheads, especially in Singapore. Rental, staffing and storage costs are astronomical. This means a lot of your money goes into these overheads, rather than high product quality. So in general, if it can be bought at a store you find at a shopping mall, it's not the best value for you.

2. Linking on to point 1, is that many of the testosterone-boosting supplements use herbs as their active ingredients. This is GREAT news as there are really herbs that do help testosterone production, as well as reduce stress hormones (which steal the raw material for testosterone making in your body).

However they often put these herbs into a "proprietary formula" which means they won't tell you exactly how much is in there. A formula can claim to have a truly useful herb but at 1/1000th the required dose. Yet ad campaigns can still claim to have this herb in the supplement.

In addition, herb quality, and freedom from pesticides is always questionable when it's not from a reputable source.

3. They don't care how fat or stressed you are. Imagine you are building a house, and you are paying for bricks, wood and tiles. Now along the way, thieves steal your bricks, and your workers decide to build a ice cream store instead of a house with the remaining bricks.

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Will a testosterone-boosting supplement work for you?

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