Medical Aesthetics Certification

Posted: July 3, 2015 at 9:44 am

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Acaraya3D Nipple-Areola Breast Certificationfor physicians, nurses and medical aestheticians.

4 hours of didactics and 6 hours of hands-on. Oral and written test must have a 97% correct.

Please set your teaching program on a 1:1 education for 1 full day of training. You must be licensed as a physician, nurse or aesthetician to be accepted within this training. Physicians sometimes like a cosmetologist to also be crossed trained to perform this procedure.

Acaraya Scar Reduction for Pock Marks ( 70% on first treatment ) takes 2 treatments

Skin Care Associates of Central Texas, Medical Aesthetics FACE offers clinical skin assessments and facial analysis that includes a complete treatment plan beginning from the initial consult. Her office works with various physicians medical offices in the Central Texas area.She is known for her high professional standards of skin care management enhancing the long-term quality of the skin. All services are performed by Anna D. Rinehart and require precision of skill and understanding the dynamics of the procedures normal and abnormal responses. She is available for special classes offered to the community education in middle and high school level. If, you have a desire to have her speak at your school or seek another form of caring for your skin that may/may not include medication and surgery, then Medical Aesthetics FACE is the right place for you!

Topics of education include but are not limited to

Tattoo Reversal Procedures : All active soldiers seeking tattoo reversal of thier tattoos recieve a no charge for consults.

New Acaraya Cosmeceuticcal Skin Care Line DERMFACEspecializing in dark pigmentation and excessive dry skin from medical aesthetic conditions such as psoriasis, eczxema, post-inflammatory pigmentation, polycystic ovarian acne conditions ( excessive facial hair growth )throughout the face. 1-888-769-3223.

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Medical Aesthetics Certification

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