SJW’s Melt After Feminist YouTuber Tells Them Human Biology 101 – The Federalist

Posted: July 12, 2017 at 1:41 am

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Social justice warriors flipped out at feminist YouTuber Laci Green on Saturday after she said the terms male and female refer to biological sexes.

Last week, Teen Vogue published a visually explicit and kinda gross article about a certain sex act,which included diagrams of the female and male reproductive anatomy. The diagrams described female anatomy as the anatomy of a non-prostate owner, and described male anatomy as that which belongs to a prostate owner so as to avoid using the terms male and female.

But Green pointed out that these descriptions are insane, as the word female literally describes someone who was born with a female reproductive system.

These correct statements about human biology were apparently too triggering for social justice warriors to handle, because they raked her over the coals.

Someone tried to tell Green shes wrong, saying that a post-operative trans woman that is, a man who undergoes surgery to appear female runs the risk of developing prostate cancer. But this weird statement only proves Greens point that those who are biologically male cant magically become female, even if they like to call themselves that or have their bodies rearranged with plastic surgery.

Another asked Green where she got her information about the sexes and their respective biology, to which she responded: an elementary level biology book.

Some resorted to calling her a TERF, orTrans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

To be clear, Green buys into the whole gender is a social construct and is not the same as ones biological sex thing (which this writer thinks is hogwash), and made that very clear in her responses to critics on Saturday.

But thats apparently not enough for progressives, who say everyone must ignore physical and biological realities in order to appease those pushing the transgender agenda.

This isnt the first time Green has been blackballed by liberals for saying things they dont agree with.Last week Green was added to a list of commonly blocked Twitter accounts that sensitive liberal use to purge their feeds of thoughts that may contradict their own. It was also revealed that she was dating an anti-PC YouTuber, Chris Ray Gun, for which many have criticized her.

SJW's Melt After Feminist YouTuber Tells Them Human Biology 101 - The Federalist

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