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Posted: February 2, 2020 at 5:42 pm

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(WSAW) -- Commitment in relationships means there's stability. But when a trusted partner in a committed relationship betrays the sacred trust of the other, that relationship will go through severe instability and bring with it a wide range of emotions that can deal a heavy blow to your mental health.

On Wednesday, Dr. Brian Weiland, a psychologist from Behavioral Health Clinic joined the Deep Bench to discuss how cheating can affect a person's mental health.

"People describe things that range from boredom within a relationship to neglect that they experience from their partner in a relationship, looking for a variety, emotional needs not being met, physical needs not being met."

He said the most important thing to do is to get down to the bottom of what it is the affair provided for you that the relationship did not.

Infidelity is also different among the genders. And if you are the one who is being betrayed, your response is different.

"For men I think it has to do with pride being disrupted. For women it's a sense of feeling inferior, inadequate and things like that," he explained

For the person having the affair, Weiland said research has showed.that for men, it's a lot more tied to the physical attraction and things related to physical needs.

"For women it's a lot more emotionally involved," he added.

More often that not, it's a hit to emotional well-being for the person who is being betrayed. And Weiland said in many cases, this was the person you envisioned spending the rest of your life with.

"It can lead to depression. It can lead to denial, shock. It can lead to nightmares or flashbacks or just images that just flashes through a person's head as to different things regarding the affair."

In order to heal the relationship if you are still committed to yours, is to be open and transparent. Weiland said communication is important, even about what is appropriate and what is not.

To hear more, click on the video above to see the entire conversation.

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Deep Bench: Relationship infidelity and mental health - WSAW

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