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Posted: March 22, 2020 at 3:45 pm

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- In a time of uncertainty, anxiety, and even fear of the unknown, it's vitally important to keep strong mental health. With some being quarantined or being told to work at home, it can be hard to get outside or escape the house. For those who were even laid off, it might lead to a state of depression. KTTC spoke to mental health experts about some tips on how to stay healthy.

Mei Liu, Founder of the Lotus Health Foundation, says her foundation's six pillars to a healthy lifestyle are: Nutrition, Movement, Stress Management, Social Connections, Passion, and Sleep.

Liu says, "Nutrition is very important to help us maintain a very good emotional status. There are a lot of foods with high nutrients that can empower our brain to function very well. For example, fresh produce, leafy greens and whole grains."

Crystal Guyse, a psychologist with Zumbro Mental Health Center, gave tips on how to best make use of our time indoors. She says, "I think the best thing for people to be able to do is to try to keep a routine and schedule that's as normal as possible. People need to be able to stay active and i think the big thing is to be able to stay connected socially too so they might need to be creative on how to do that."

If you're anxious she says, "One thing we talk about in therapy is setting aside that worry time. That it is important to be able to recognize one's thoughts and feelings and to spend some time really acknowledging those things. But it's not helpful to notice yourself in a state of anxiety all day long."

Both Liu and Guyse both say that a good night sleep and that putting your phone or tablet down to limit screen time, will have positive impacts. Less screen time will help more enjoyment of the little things and with family time.

Both Zumbro Mental Health Center and the Lotus Health Foundation are both accepting in-person patients for appointments but you will be screened for a fever upon entering the building. Zumbro Mental Health Center is also offering appointments with a professional over the phone and you can reach them at (507) 289-2089. Lotus Health Foundation's website is

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