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Posted: April 18, 2020 at 11:52 am

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SUN Behavioral Kentucky, part of a network of community hospitals working to solve the unmet needs of those with mental illness and substance use disorders, is expanding its Telehealth Services in response to the COVID-19 national emergency.

Beginning immediately, individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, mental health or substance use-related issues can receive a level-of-care telehealth consultation from the safety of their own homes. The service is open to those of all ages and appointments are available 24/7.

Individuals with video capabilities via laptop, cellphone or tablet can register online. Once they fill out a brief patient information form, theyll be connected to a behavioral health specialist who will call to schedule a time for a private, HIPAA-compliant video chat and consultation.

Telehealth consultations are conducted using the Zoom app.

Sun Behaviorals Northern Kentucky facility is located at 820 Dolwick in Erlanger. the 197-bed, 149,000-square-foot hospital opened in 2018. (See NKyTribunes story here.)

Sun Behavioral Health facility in Erlanger

The coronavirus emergency continues to present rapidly changing challenges for us all, said Steve Page, SUN Behavioral Health President and CEO. Stress and anxiety are running high across the nation and in our community, and the need for at-home mental health care has never been greater.

Telehealth consultations will allow us to treat some of our most vulnerable neighbors, whether or not they are a current patient of SUN Kentucky. These are unprecedented times and this is a way for our team to do our part to help.

Based on a patients level of care assessment either through a telehealth consultation or in person, a customized treatment program is developed. If applicable, patients can choose to continue their outpatient care from the safety of home by accessing SUNs new Telehealth Outpatient Program, which includes two specific care levels:

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program). Includes up to six hours of clinical programming per day for five days perweek

IOP(Intensive Outpatient Program). Includes up tothree hoursofclinical programmingper dayfor 3-5days per week

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While were expanding our Telehealth Services, weve also added more safety protocols to ensure our patients and staff stay healthy and our facilities remain free of the virus, added Lance Folske, SUN Behavioral Health Senior Vice President of Operations.

Our physical hospitals continue to remain open 24 hours a day for those who need us most, and were maintaining proper social distancing, have heightened infection screenings for patients and eliminated all casual visitation. Were doing everything we can do to serve our community and keep everyone as safe as possible while we do it.

Telehealth consultations are notmeantfor psychiatric emergencies. If you or a loved one is experiencingone, immediately dial 911,go to your nearest emergency room, or call SUN directly at 859-429-5188.

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SUN Behavioral Health expanding its Telehealth Services in response to pandemic; feeling anxious? - User-generated content

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