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Posted: February 14, 2019 at 11:44 am

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Office of Clinical and Preventive Services - 08N34 A&B

Office of the Director - 08E37A

Office of the Director/Congressional and Legislative Affairs Staff - 08E37A

Office of the Director/Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity Staff - 08E61

Office of the Director/Executive Secretariat Staff - 08E86

Office of the Director/Public Affairs Staff - 08E73

Office of Direct Service and Contracting Tribes - 08E17

Office of Environmental Health and Engineering - 10N14C

Office of Finance and Accounting - 10E54

Office of Human Resources - 11E53A

Office of Information Technology - 07E57B

Office of Management Services - 09E70

Office of Public Health Support - 09E10D

Office of Resource Access and Partnerships - 10E85C

Office of Tribal Self Governance - 08E05

Office of Urban Indian Health Programs - 08E65C

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Indian Health Service | Indian Health Service (IHS)

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